Cerec is a sophisticated computer-aided system for producing durable and high-quality ceramic restorations. It is simple to use, fast and conserves the natural tooth. Cerec is ideal for patients who want an authentic, tooth-coloured alternative to amalgam or gold. In many cases, Cerec allows tooth restorations to be completed in a single session – without impressions, temporaries or a long wait time.

Why Cerec?

  • Protects and preserves your own tooth’s strength and structural integrity.
  • Ceramics are bio compatible with your existing tooth.
  • Only needs one appointment to be fitted.
  • Looks natural on the tooth.
  • Comfortable and high quality.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Unquestionably the most cost effective restoration we have available today.

Ceramic reconstruction

Step by step

  • The defective filling and decay are removed. A reflective powder layer prepares the tooth for imaging.
  • An optical 3D image is acquired using a small camera directly into the mouth.
  • The restoration is created on the screen using the image data.
  • Diamond-coated instruments mill a ceramic block to reproduce the design of your tooth. This is accomplished during a single appointment using Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM).
  • A unique light hardens the bonding material, uniting porcelain and tooth.
  • After polishing, the new restoration fits perfectly and precisely.

  • Polishing or glazing ensures a pleasantly smooth and natural feel.
  • The ceramic blends with your tooth due to the colour and flawless appearance.
  • Perfectly bonded porcelain ensures a long life for your teeth.
  • Maximum strength.