Biofilm therapy from EMS

At C The Dentist, we have state-of-the-art Biofilm therapy equipment to best defend your oral health from gum disease and dental decay. This specific prevention treatment consists of a treatment plan that involves assessing your health, revealing biofilm through dye, removing plaque and tartar and then maintaining the level of cleanliness.

Between appointments, we must factor in a ‘fallow period’ where we clean down the practice and decontaminate all areas. This means we have limited appointment slots.

What is biofilm?

Dental biofilm is a layer of microorganisms that can form as a film over teeth. It’s the main factor for dental decay, gum disease and peri-implant infections. Biofilm is not always visible to the naked eye. Disclosing biofilm helps to remove it all, preventing any issues from occurring.

Regular oral hygiene, combined with professional measures, keeps biofilm under control – for a better oral health.

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What does our treatment involve?


We begin by checking your oral health for any noticeable issues. We examine your teeth and gums for any signs of decay and gum disease.

Disclosing biofilm

We use a special dye to highlight areas of biofilm build up. We then treat the coloured areas to remove all residual biofilm, thus protecting your teeth and gums from the bacteria.


We identify areas where there is plaque and tartar build-ups and use airflow to remove them. This treatment is a gentle alternative to a scale & polish, using a focused jet of air and grit to lift off tartar and stains from the enamel.

Final steps

We carry out a final check for remaining biofilm and make sure all tartar is removed.